I am Nekia Mba, wife, mom, encourager and strategist. A woman on a mission to fulfill the mandate on her life to INstill hope and REstore esteem in women who’ve endured hardships. My journey to purpose began long ago 5/18/2003 to be exact. The day I went into spontaneous labor at 23 weeks gestation and lost my son, whom I named Anthony. The level of pain and grief I endured for three years is still hard to describe. I faced many many dark days, feeling broken, angry, and downright mad! I had so many questions and no one to give me answers. Then one night, late in the midnight hour, I cried out to God to just end the suffering, HE graced me with a peace that surpassed all understanding, and my path to purpose began.

In 2006, I sat with pen and paper in hand, and the Holy Spirit gave me a clear vision of what He called Elegant Woman. A wellness process for women of faith. A place to heal, overcome the pain and evolve. A sisterhood, that provides purpose, peace, and promise in the process. Initially, I felt inadequate to carry such a mandate, I felt unqualified, unworthy, and incapable. However, I trusted God’s direction, and with time I began to feel confident, purposed, and equipped. 

In 2021, I founded Faces of Hope a 501(c)3 nonprofit focused on providing keepsake boxes and resources to women who’ve endured infant loss. 

I am also the Visionary and master designer of Tori Rose Collection; our handmade stationery company entrusted to my daughter Victoria.

During the darkest days and seasons of my life, I found freedom in writing, worship and intimacy with Holy Spirit. I’ve learned my pain pushed me to my purpose, and my purpose opened the doors to receive God’s promise. I believe every broken area of your life is a building stone to destiny and a woman who identifies her why unlocks the fullness of God’s blessings over her life. 

I employ you to seek a partnership of two (2) one being God and the other being you….

© 2022 Nekia Mba created by dfitz the designer

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