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Meet Nekia

Hi everyone and welcome to my site! I am not a life coach, therapist or counselor. I am an architect by passion, a strategist by purpose, designed by God, directed by the Holy Spirit, on a mission to fulfill my purpose.

I’ve always known I was an Architect from about 3rd grade, yet I never finished college. Then after losing my son Anthony in 2003 Elegant Woman was birthed from a blueprint designed “strategy” journal I created in the midst of grief. At that time I didn’t really want to tell people about such a painful season in my life or how I truly felt inside, so instead of trying to verbalize all the internal pain, confusion and anger, I simply went to my place of peace which was drawing. Using my architectural skills I began to draw a bunch of circles, lines, houses and landscapes, placing my thoughts in-between, as a means of releasing the grief and expressing my feelings…..

Then in June 2011, 8 years after Anthony’s passing, I was diagnosed with Lupus. Life literally felt like BOOM, CRASH back to BOOM all over again! Yet, during all the confusion, anger and depression God still spoke and I received a revelation that literally terrified me! That I Nekia Femister, was indeed an Architect but part of that purpose was to also help women who have experienced loss and sickness design and build their lives. WHOA! WHAT!! Like Really God?? Yep…Really… My Purpose and Passion meet!! I was reminded, that in order for a house to last for generations the foundation needs to be solid and whole properly using the elements of the earth. Likewise, women must also be solid and whole, mentally, spiritually and financially using the broken elements of their lives to build. Those broken areas of my life were not a curse, they were nothing to be ashamed of, not meant to break me; but tools, to build, shape, mold and strengthen me. God wanted me to use those elements, every single one of them so that I could be His chosen vessel and empower women across the world to do the same!

The core of Elegant Woman:
A woman who is mentally, spiritually and financially whole! A woman after God’s heart, seeking her purpose on this earth, working thru her pain and defeats and using them to push to her purpose. A woman without features in a cocoon called life; one she will remain in until she diligently seeks God to heal, protect and lead her. She is a solid foundation from within, built from broken elements of the earth, uniquely molded by God, a vibrant, valued, one of a kind butterfly!

John 15:5 I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.

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